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Hi from NW England - loving it so far!

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  • Hi from NW England - loving it so far!

    I heard about the Sedona Method in the Jack Canfield book The Success Principles. I looked through the book, but the method seemed so simple I just didn't believe it would work, LOL.

    Recently, when I discussed hanging onto my money beliefs despite having done work on them, my Business & Life Coach suggested the Sedona Method for releasing those beliefs. This time I bought the book!

    I've been going through the book every day, and releasing in the moment as well. The reason I know it's working, is because I am having very vivid and symbolic dreams every night - that relate to emotions, letting go, new life chapters, things I want to resolve, and so on. If my sub-conscious has been activated, things are definitely changing for me!

    I currently live in NW England, work as a Life & Business Coach, am married, have three four-legged feline children, and love diving & the underwater world especially fish, am vegetarian, and keep my carboon footprint low.

    I'm off to the "Seeking Release Partners section now", and I hope to connect with fellow releasers everywhere.

    Thanks for reading!

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    Hi it's nice to see someone from ENGLAND! I am having so many shifts with the Sedona method and it would be nice to connect with someone closer to home.


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      Hi MGP and Conor,

      I wanted to welcome you both to this community, but more specifically, to The Sedona Method! As you continue to practice it you'll find every area of your lives shifting, all for the better. Things will open up, old patterns and beliefs will fall away, and you'll discover more and more ease, relaxation and harmony in your lives...just stick with it, let it unfold for you as naturally it is unfolding. Finding releasing partners is a terrific way to support yourself and one another, so it's great to see you are reaching out in that way. Another great way to support yourself in this direction is to connect to Support Calls . We've got two free calls scheduled for February 12th and 26th; here's a link if you care to join our mailing list to receive dial-in directions: Free Support Call Sign Up

      Seeing as you are both from the UK, you may be interested in knowing that we come over to London every year and offer Sedona Method Seminars. We'll be there in June presenting Opening to Love, Life, and Relationships For complete details on the seminar, click here. In brief, we'll focus on opening to the flow and harmony of life, opening to our own sense of inner love and compassion for ourselves and others, through our many relationships, whether personal or professional, intimate or casual. We'll be using all the four interchangeable tools of The Sedona Method, briefly yet thoroughly covering the basics of TSM, with emphasis on Triple Welcoming and The 5th Way to see through the illusion of separation that erodes our ability to have the kind of abundant, vibrant, loving life and relationships that we aspire to. Goals are always addressed with opportunity to focus on them as well, but with all seminars, the content is always different, because the level of awareness in the group (and individually) is always expanding. The seminar will go way beyond a “relationships” seminar…with the focus as always on the ultimate goal of freedom.

      The seminar is open to newcomers as well as anyone who has experience with The Method, as all our seminars are tailored to meet the level of practice and experience of the participants. It will be a wonderful opportunity to deepen your practice of The Sedona Method, ask any questions you may have (my wife Annrika and I both have had The Method in our lives since meeting and working with Lester in the mid-70’s through the 90's and continue our connection with Hale, and not only share our life experience with using the Method in all sorts of life situations / challenges, but bring our years of TSM teaching and coaching to every seminar). There will be plenty of time for one-on-one releasing with either of us, group releases, exercises, and partnership work…all extremely rewarding. Also, we’ll address whatever people bring to the seminar…always recognizing that whatever comes up is meant to…and will enhance the experience for all involved. And lastly, the seminar is a wonderful way to connect in person with fellow releasers and build a UK releasing community!

      So, wishing you all the best as you make letting go an integral part of your lives! Enjoy!

      Sedona Releasing Worldwide
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      Tim McCavitt Sedona Method Instructor
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        Great to know others in the UK are Sedona-ing :-)