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Hello from a not-so-new releaser from Melbourne, Australia

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  • Vivek
    Hello, Rukstar. Thanks for sharing your gains; they are inspiring.

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  • Hello from a not-so-new releaser from Melbourne, Australia

    Hi Everyone. I am not new to TSM nor to this community, but I have not previously introduced myself so thought I would do so now. I have been practising holistic releasing using Hale's Absolute Freedom and Practical Freedom audios and have gotten over being special so decided I should take the time to introduce myself and become an active member of this forum.

    I have been releasing for almost exactly two years. I heard Hale being interviewed on Jennifer McLean's 'Healing with the Masters' series and the simple basic releasing he did during that interview struck a chord with me because it sounded so easy and effortless. I have been a self-help junkie for many years, having read many, many books(Anthony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Steven Covey just to name a few) and tried many different things. I had been introduced to EFT some years before and found this very useful. I bought The Sedona Method book, then the basic audio course, which I devoured and listened to repeatedly. I had never experienced anything like it that could help me become centred and peaceful so quickly and easily. Sometimes it takes a bit longer but it always works. When I took on a new role at work 18 months ago, in a totally unfamiliar area, I released constantly to help me with my fears about failing, about not being able to do the job, about what other people thought about me etc. Last year the Government department I work for underwent a major restructure and everyone had to apply for jobs in the new structure. I ended up getting a promotion to a position two levels higher than my level, in a role that I had coveted but never thought I would attain. I have no doubt that TSM was key to all of this. I was not hung up or desperately wanting anything, I simply applied only for jobs that I thought I would like to do and then kept releasing. It was all like a dream. Sometimes I look around me at how things fall into place much more easily. Things that used to overwhelm me before, eg tidying up a messy room, now I simply start it and then it seems to fall into place. This method really works.

    I was privileged to be able to attend the last Sedona Holiday Retreat in December/January and see Hale in action in person. I have seen many speakers in the past and I was struck by Hale's complete lack of grandiosity or pretentiousness. He was completely present all the time, never judgmental, giving of himself all the time to everyone. How wonderful to think that after years of releasing I may achieve something akin to that.

    These days I find that a 'little bit of releasing' is all I need when things go below par. For example, this morning I was feeling a bit daunted about all the complaints I have to handle in my job. Sometimes when I can't think of any particular type of release to use, I open up a Word document on my PC. Then I type what I am thinking/feeling and ask myself which want that is coming from and I release it. I type something else etc. This works really well to get me back to feeling centred, whole and confident. I love this Method.
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