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Hi SM releasers,

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  • Hi SM releasers,

    My name is Gregorio and I am new to releasing (I actually heard of the concept and did some research of Dale Dsowskin since he appeared in the movie ‘The Secret’ but did not really pursue the method in depth). I have since seen the ‘Letting Go’ Movie which I really liked and have been since looking for an opportunity to learn more about the Method.
    I have been a seeker as long as I can remember, seeking to find answers to low self esteem, lack of desired success and feelings of displacement…etc. The last few years, since watching ‘The Secret’ I felft guided to a path a self exploration that have open my mind to various methods which include the Sedona Method.

    I am trying to find what would be the best way to get started (I tend to overcomplicate issues by wanted a lot of info before I get started on something-probably something I should release…. lol).

    A little about myself. I was born and raised in the Republic of Panama and I now currently live in Montana (left home to join the US Air Force and ended up retiring in Montana). I am currently work administration