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How Long Can I Release On Goals?

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  • How Long Can I Release On Goals?

    Someone asked me this question privately and because many beginners ask this question I am posting my answer for all to see:

    There is no limit to how long you can release on a goal. Lester used to ask: Can you be open to the possibility that this is the last time you have to release on that goal and if it isn't can you allow it to take as long as it does?

    Also, are you releasing on one or tow goals or are you releasing on ten? We usually recommend that you focus on one or two for a while rather than spread yourself too thin.

    Also, it's important to document all of your gains. So, you might not have reached your specific goal(s) but what are your gains? Are you happier? Are you sleeping better? Do you have more energy? Etc. There is a tendency to overlook all of our gains as we release on becoming the first person to fly to Mars or to discover the cure for cancer. If we overlook all of the gains we are having on our way to accomplishing our goals we tend to doubt the effectiveness of TSM. Building confidence in TSM helps to get us to the goals we are specifically releasing on.

    Also, release on any of your doubt that TSM can help. Every thought and feeling is either supporting your success or undermining it. Releasing on doubt can be very helpful for success in all the areas of our lives. Doubt is a thought or a feeling and can be released like everything else.

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