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Getting Started: Generalized Anxiety Disorder

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  • Getting Started: Generalized Anxiety Disorder

    Hello folks,
    (Sorry in advance for the book)
    Up until about 3 months ago, I was a relaxed, hard working, happy person. Then all of a sudden I became overwhelmed by fear in my day to day life. I would feel the emotional pain in my stomach, chest and throat, and that would create this cycle of physical symptoms causing anxiety causing more symptoms etc. I think the fact that this was ENTIRELY new to me freaked me out even more. Mellow would have been an appropriate description of me prior to. The pain was also exacerbated by my overactive mind. I have always had a dense inner dialog, and it was only at this point that I realized I didn't really have any control over what was being thought, and I couldn't break the cycle.

    Fast forward a few mega-shitty months, I wasn't sleeping at all. One night in two weeks. After trying a bunch of different things, Eckhart Tolle (whose philosophy I agree with, but methods didn't work for me), meditation, herbal supplements, exercise, etc. I was beginning to have days of panic, which are like panic attacks extended over entire work days.

    Last week I discovered the Sedona Method, and things are changing. I've slept every night this week, thank Lester :-). I'm still learning it, and haven't been able to totally release the constant emotional pain I'm feeling, but I have been able to dissipate it temporarily, which interrupts this cycle of pain-anxiety-pain etc. I think I'm getting better at it, but I have some confusion (I know, I'm probably trying too hard to 'figure it out'). I'm going through the discs, and I'm having a hard time moving forward and trying to release all these different mental programs. I can't seem to focus on the 'programs' because the pain from my anxiety is getting in the way.

    MY QUESTION IS THIS: Should I continue to focus on releasing the major physical sensations I am getting from the emotional fear, then move forward with the program down the road when I am more stable? Or should I keep pushing forward, not necessarily connecting deeply with all of the dialog and processes? Keep in mind that I'm less than a week in, and often times it takes me long periods of releasing to suppress the existential pain.

    ALSO: I'm a little confused, at the beginning of the second disc, Dale tells an audience member not to focus on the physical sensation of the emotional pain, and focus on her reaction to it. Am I doing it wrong by trying to release on the pain and not 'my reaction'? To me the pain is the greatest discomfort in the moment.

    Thanks everyone, This method has inspired a lot of hope in me. I want to move past this anxiety disorder, and toward spiritual enlightenment. I think this tool is going to be a major part in that.


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    Hi Greg!

    Thanks for the post, the shares and the questions.

    Use the recordings to help you to release and don't worry about what Hale says to specific people. He may say one thing to one person while to another something else.

    I used to suffer from daily 10 - 12 hour anxiety attacks and found TSM a life saver.

    I found it extremely helpful to allow the uncomfortable sensations to be here as best as I could. I started out with doing that just a little at a time and then longer and longer. I worked with the wants too. Working on my own for the first two years I couldn't let go of the wants so I just welcomed them. Welcoming is the second most fundamental way to let go. It's a very powerful release. You can't go wrong with allowing the sensations to be here in the way that they are as much as they are little by little and then more and more because the more you can do that the more they will subside. Longer spans of relief will occur the more you practice the processes. Anxiety is no longer and issue for me.

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