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  • I'm new!

    Hey everyone!

    Just wanted to take this opportunity to talk about myself and hopefully make some new friends here.

    I first discovered the Sedona Method about four years ago after watching the movie The Secret. I thought the program was awesome because I felt instant relief in the first sixty seconds of letting go, but I never really incorperated it into my lifestyle because I was much more interested in figuring out why I had so many "problems" instead of just letting go of them :P

    It wasn't until about 5 months ago that I started using the method again. I was having such a diffucult time with a few personal relationships and I realized that I was not happy with my professional career at all. The method helped me improve my relationships drasitcally within only a few weeks!

    I'm still struggling with my professional career though. My parents own an Italian restaurant and I have pretty much been a manager there since I dropped out of college a few years back. Everytime I try to break out into a career I feel I would enjoy better, such as a sales postiton (I enjoy making commisions more than receiving a steady salary) horrible resistance and psychological blocks hold me in my tracks. Either I can't find the energy to commit to my new career, or I give it a shot and it falls short. It seems as if I'm doomed to fail before I even begin.

    That's why I'm here. I'm hoping to find an awesome support group that will help inspire me to find a path that has no resisitance to career that I truly love and enjoy, whateber that may be. I'm also hoping to be able to help you guys too with your goals and dreams too!

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    Hi earth!

    Welcome to TSM community friend!

    Thanks for telling us about your experiences with TSM. We love to hear how people are doing.

    I'm going to just jump right in since you described an experience and see if I can support your process with some info. In releasing we don't look as resistance as a problem or a reflection of something wrong with us. We think of resistance as a universal energy that comes up for everybody...because it does. Even when we are deeply passionate and well plugged into a career path or relationship resistance can and does show up. We just release on it. Hale often points out that there is even resistance to the things we like or love to do, like having fun. So if you look at resistance as something to let go then you will find resistance isn't a problem at all.

    See if you can access the feeling of resistance right now. Notice how it really is a feeling like all other feelings. See if you can find where it is in the body and as best you can welcome it, open to it, allow it to be here fully. And then see if you are wanting to get rid of it. If yes, can you welcome that too? And then check, could you let that go? Would you if you could? When?

    Keep us posted on how things are unfolding,


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      Delilah I have followed your advice today and let go of some of the resistances that have come up regarding finding a career I love. I have also allowed myself to be present with now as it is. I have allowed myself to be open and accepeting to this now momment. It feels SO much better. I feel lighter and not as concerned with "figuring out" what I'm supposed to do. I'm starting to feel the confidence that I will make healthy desicions and actions if I'm simply open to everything in this present momment...including those resistances. As you have showed me I can just let them go too!

      Thanks for sharing with me