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  • don't take it personal

    i am so happy to have found you – like so many :-) I have been listening and working with the foru in one course and the daily releasing message....
    1. two really unpleasant things ,independant from each other, happened today. A short while ago I walked to the letter box to post a letter and on the way I was fantasising about which bottle of wine to go buy to consosle myself, and then, seeminlgy out of nowhere there came the tought: you can either get a little tipsy or release, which one will you choose? who is in control now???? those 'others' or I?????? big fat Cheshire Cat grin on my face :-)

    2. Hale says every so often: "can you see it is not personal and not about you?" Well, I do not undersatnd that at answer is: of course it is personal and about me, it is my experience right now...otherwise I would not deal (release) with or about it.....

    any insight is most welcome
    thank you Christina

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    Hi Loslah!

    Thanks for sharing that gain!!

    Now...notice where the feeling that "this" is personal is in the body. This is like all feelings. We feel them in the body. You can always find that feeling or "me, my, mine" in the body. It will have sensation/s just like any other feeling.

    And then see if it would be OK if this feeling that "this" is personal just dissolved.

    Welcome whatever answer you get.

    Keep exploring this and let us know how things unfold,


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      thank you Delilah

      thank you Delilah

      I shall be experimenting.....right now I am trying to figure it out ;-)...........

      Loslah (is Swissgerman for letting go )