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  • Vivek
    Welcome to the community, Frank.

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    started a topic Hi...


    Hi...I´m back at releasing, after a 6 year break.

    6 years ago I stopped releasing, as I was pretty fed up with the outstanding claims of the Method, and not being able to have any on my own.

    My first encounter with SMaRT was a newsletter from HD with the classic questions, tried it on and had a great release that lasted for about 3 weeks. After that, not much happened. I kept at it for 5 years - rather intensively, read the books, listened to the audios, participated in seminars with both Hale and Larry. After 5 years I decided that I´d taking it for checking, and it had failed miserably. At that time my life had spun downwards to the point of being on wellfare.

    Recently I "stumbled across" Kris Dillard on YouTube, liked it a lot and decided to go for another round. Meanwhile I explored similar concepts - Robert Scheinfelds "Process" and his mentor Arnold Patent, amongst others.

    As I wrote the first line, it occurred to me, that when I first tried out the questions - with a fabulous result - I didn´t have any attachments. AFTER having that initial success, I did expect a lot! - and as such build up attachment to the Method. Well, I guess I shouldn´t care whether it works this time around...or not

    Cheers Frank