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    I am happy to be able to write on this site and get a help about realasing.
    My name is Su and I am from South Korea. I am 23years old.
    Now I am preparing for University entrance exam in South Korea like SAT.

    I was an undergraduate 4years ago but everything was not the way I wanted.
    I was always struggling and it was so painful.
    At that time, I found a book titled Conversation With God by Neale Donald Walsh and had a hope that life could be better.

    I stopped my messy school life and spent days reading books to understand why my life was the way it was and to make it a better one.
    I learnd if I want to get what I want in my life and live happy, I should be a happy person first, which means
    it is actually about being ,not about doing.

    In those days, it was like God lead me to one book and another books which are so truthful and spritual and have very good energy.
    I bought The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin 4years ago and thought
    "Yes, It is right. I can not deceive me like I am happy when I am not. But if I let go, I could be the one who is really happy and get what I want in my life because I am the happy person who has it."
    Letting go seems to be the one to change my being.

    Even though I thought like that, I could not realase at all and just forgot about it and worked hard having depression and stress.
    4 years later, which is now, I decided to go back to school again to start new life and found this book on the shelves.

    I am studying for University but I don't know why I need so much sleep and it is so hard to study.
    Not much time is left for me to study. I feel like I am dying a little bit more and more.
    I don't know if I can go to the University I want and feel so angry about why everything is just not the way I want and study is not easy for me.
    I want good academic progress but I feel so sad and depressed that I can not focus on helpful things in my life.

    Why can't I have it when I want? I feel like it is so unfair.
    I know I can't have what I want because it is expression of lack but still hard to accept because time keeps going which is important periods to me...
    I wasted so many days and I am feeling angry and sad.
    I always have had strong desire on academic outcomes in my life.
    I like studying and developing myself but somehow I can not focus on good things like studying foreign languages or for majors or any subjects.
    That makes me so angry and I feel like it is so unfair.

    Nothing is going the way I want.
    I feel like everybody hates me and I hate them.

    I think I have a lot of wanting approval and seperation and endless wanting security.
    I want to know if wanting security has an end.
    When I decided to welcome all things I feel,
    I found I keep saying I want to survive and I want to die, I want to survive and I want to die, I want to survive and I want to kill in mind.
    It is hard to let go of all these wanting. I feel like every wanting is below and equals wanting security.

    I experienced good changes though but I feel so skeptical nowadays to recall my past days.
    I did not want to write so long like this but I can not help it.
    Last edited by Suyoung; 10-05-2016, 07:09 AM.

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    Hi Suyoung!

    Welcome to TSM community!

    Thanks so much for taking the time to share these things with us and helping us to get to know you. At first it is a little hard to realize the TSM is working. That's because it's so simple and also because we aren't sure how to determine if we are really releasing. Please keep exploring the processes and eventually it will be really clear how helpful TSM really is.



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      Hello, I am new here.


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          Hello everyone,
          I am new in this forum.


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            Hi AliJon!

            Welcome to the community!