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  • HellOooOooOo From France :)


    I'm Alexis and i'm 34 and i live in France

    Well i'm leader in Multi Level Marketing in Europe and after surrounding my self with people from the "dark force" for 1 year i've spent to worst year of my life. hahahaha

    But that was the seed of that tremendous discovery : The Sedona Method.

    In April 2016 i wanted to go back to the basics (personal development) so i ask for peace and start focusing on that the best i could cause i was at the top of negative emotion as i've never lived in my life. Plus i was surprised myself to see me like that cause it never happened to me at that point.

    In july i took a decision, separate myself with those people that do not fit with me. When i've made that decision, old friends started to recontacte me naturally and talked to me about different personal development tecnic.

    I was not so "convinced" but i felt at that time that those tecnics would lead me to the right one. 3 days later a friend i didn't talk with since 3 years told me about "let go" and i said "what?" let go what? HAHAHAHAHA.

    And she told me : buy the sedona method, you ll understand. So i did... but at the begining i didn't understand nothing... as i lived in spain, i thought it was because of i've bought it in Spanish. Then i've bought it in English and in finally understand nothing too! HAHAHAHAH

    So then i've bought it in French and it was the same. It was funny because while i was reading it, i got so upset to not understand why and how it works so many times i've stopped reading it for being so upset. And then i said : Look : let's see if it works : I decided to use the basic questions in chapter 1 on that emotion. And what happend just bluffed me : I start to open the book again and read it without thinking about it. And then when i got upset again to not understanding a chapter, i let go again on the same emotion. And then (cause i've read the book like 5 times) i was not upset at all when i didn't understand a chapter. I was reading without understanding the bottom line but without negative feelings.

    That's where i've had a cognition : it works super well !!!!

    From that point, even if i do not understand everything yet, since 4 months, i went to 2 paquets a cigarrets a day to 2 a week. (Just using 3 times the basics questions on that subject which is just amazing how it works)

    And since using sedona i really feel calm and in peace since 4 months. Like a calm river. It's good but weird HAHAHAHAHAHHA. Like an "unknow situation" even if it's great to feel that way.

    I still have much to do but i already recommand TSM to many of my leaders and friends cause they've noticed the change
    and also, as i'm writing this, one of my leaders just wrote me what happened with her Ex husband and told me :

    "Sedona is just incredible, i'm now able to answer to that manipulator in peace and normally without being upset and angry"

    Thanks for accepting me in your community.
    Thanks Hale for that great Book and for your laugh, that every time i listen to it, i can't stop laughing too!

    Have a great day
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    welcome to the community- so glad to hear the sedona method found you



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      Welcome to the forum.



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        Hi Alexis and Welcome


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            Hi Alexis!

            Welcome to the community! And thanks for the wonderful share!