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Introduction and releasing question

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  • Introduction and releasing question

    Hi everyone,

    I got into Sedona Method a few years ago at the encouragement of my qigong instructor. I read the book and watched the movie. Played with the exercises and continued releasing on occasion when things would come up. I haven't been super diligent with it though.

    Then recently I got re-interested after using some of Hale's releases on YouTube. So I read the book a second time and I'm definitely seeing it more clearly this time. I'm glad to find this forum because I haven't had anyone to talk with about my experience.

    I really like the welcoming process and diving into feelings. I'm a bit of an analytical guy so I find just allowing myself the freedom to feel and welcome my emotions without too much analysis helps me be more present.

    But I notice sometimes I'll welcome a feeling and it seems to just stick around.

    I'll try releasing the emotion... Releasing the desire to change it or have it be different... Release the feeling that things aren't okay exactly as they are right now... Releasing the feeling that it's personal, or anything other than just a feeling... even releasing my hope that the Sedona Method will help.

    After 20 minutes I start to wonder if I'm just stewing in the feeling, but not actually letting anything go. Like maybe I should just walk away and forget about it for awhile.

    Is there any benefit to allowing myself to feel the emotion, even when it doesn't completely release? Or even shift at all during that time?

    I don't think I'm suppressing it because I am welcoming and feeling whatever comes up. I don't think I'm expressing either because I'm not doing anything other than feeling it... but I'm also not letting it go. Does that make sense?

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    welcome to the forum.
    wonder if holistic releasing would be worth exploring?


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      HI WildBrian!

      Welcome the feeling, then see if there is any wanting to get rid of the feeling. If yes, then welcome that. And then check and see if you could let go of wanting to get rid of the feeling. Let us know how that works for you.



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        Thanks! I will try both these suggestions and let you know how it goes.

        I've been finding it easier the last couple days as I've been releasing... but it gets me thinking about another question.

        After a few minutes of releasing, I eventually come to an experience of very profound peace. I'm completely in the moment, not thinking about the past or future. To me, this feels like what the Sedona Method is aiming to help me experience. It's a state of inner happiness and emotional well-being that isn't dependant on outside circumstances because it comes from inside.

        But here's where I get confused because in order for me to relax into this state, part of the letting go process is that I kind of have to forget there are parts of my life I would like to be different. So it's like I only find peace after my mind clears of the memories or goals that brought me to Sedona Method in the first place. Do you know what I mean? Only if I can truly let go of wanting to change the emotions/situations/experiences in my life, then my mind becomes clear and tranquil and "hootless". But at that point I've forgotten that I had a problem. Is this really what's meant by letting go?

        If I truly let go and forget (at least temporarily) about the problems/emotions I'm wanting to change then won't that interfere with the desired changes manifesting in my life? How is that different from suppressing?

        And why do the Sedona Method steps sometimes encourage us to start by focusing on problems, when the goal of letting go is to dissolve those problems and experience a state of peace? Why not just go directly to peace?


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          Hi WildBrian!

          Sounds like you're having great success releasing! Wonderful!

          As you keep releasing you will find that even when you remember the details of your worldly life you will be hootless. You will be able to recognize all the details of your life but they won't feel like problems. Ex: When someone is in flow, AKA released, they may have a deadline or an illness or some debt but they will not be stressed about it. They will be in flow, relaxed, joyful, peaceful, functioning optimally and able to take effective action or to determine with ease and without any controversy that no action is needed. I sometimes explain that releasing isn't like having a psychic lobotomy. We don't forget things or loose sight of anything. We just aren't having repetitive, stressed out and/or tortured thoughts/feelings about anything.

          Since we aren't forgetting anything we aren't suppressing anything.

          This actually pertains to the question about suppressing. We welcome all of our thoughts, feelings, images, memories etc because we don't want to suppress. We want all of the "stuff" to come up so that we can let it go. The goal is not to dissolve problems. The goal is to become imperturbable. Imperturbability is the goal. Hootlessness is the goal. Getting into peaceful, joyful, creative, flow is the goal. Experiencing our own, everyone else's, the world's, the cosmos' perfection is the goal. Experiencing the approval, control, security and oneness that is right here, right now, is the goal. And often whatever we thought were problems either get resolved directly by us or on their own because we are in flow. Getting back to welcoming, we welcome, we open fully and allow ourselves to let the thoughts and feelings come up because that is the exact opposite of suppressing. Welcoming is the second most fundamental way to release. The better welcomer we are the better (non-suppressing) releaser we are. But yes! Of course! Go directly to peace whenever you are able to do that!!!



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            This is very helpful. Thanks Delilah!


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              hi friends i am working with sedona method 1 year i feel better than before but i feeling its not to enough for me i am living in


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                Hi umut!

                Nice to meet you!

                Welcome to the community!

                Glad to read you are feeling better than before.

                It looks like your comment got cut off.

                Try to keep releasing and it will keep helping you to feel better and better.



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                  Hi umut, keep going! It gets better and the folks in this forum are very helpful


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                    <3 <3 <3