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    Hi all,

    I've been releasing for a few months now (finished the supercourse and going through it for a second time now). Not as intensively as I would have liked, but my feelings towards that are something I'd like to work on as well. I think I am seeing improvements on myself, but again my mind may just be hiding the gains from me!

    I'd like to ask about something that I've noticed for a while now. When it comes to the "dropping it" questions (could you, would you, when), I find I tend to have a build up of resistance (I assume it's resistance) when the questions start, be they from the CD or in my own practice time. I tend to find that it's blocking me from letting go a lot of the time, and it discourages me from going back to releasing as often as I'd like.

    Is this normal? Also, what are the best releases to approach this situation? Releasing resistance? Welcoming?

    Maybe I'm just being impatient with the process, but any advice would be greatly appreciated! I'm looking forward to taking part in the forums

    And, yes, I've tried letting go of figuring it out

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    Hi WhiteSand!

    Welcome to the community!

    What you are asking about here is very common.

    Yes, you are right. When experiencing resistance, the best thing to do is to welcome it. Allow the resistance to be here and keep opening to it. Check and see if you can let it go every now and then. Remember that welcoming is the second most fundamental way to let go. If everyone could just drop everything instantly there wouldn't be all the other ways to release. The other ways are to help us to get better at just dropping. Becoming a better welcomer helps us to become a better dropper. Also, remember that you can have a great release even if the answer to a question is "no." "No" is as good as a "yes" in releasing. So it's best to answer honestly in order to have the best releases.



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      Hi Delilah,

      Thanks a lot for the answer (and sorry for taking a while to respond). What you said has been very helpful. I've been focusing more on welcoming the last few days, and holistic releasing as well, as I tend to find they resonate more with me. I'll keep up with them and try dropping from time to time, or when I feel ready.

      I'll keep going and hopefully keep you updated Thanks again!