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  • Is answering necessary

    I have been very dedicated to the method and I have been releasing day and night for months now. But I’m starting to notice that whenever I release on wants. By the time I finish asking” could I let the want go ?” I feel the want already release even without answering so I am wAndering if it is even necessary need to say yes or no? And I’m from Asia so my punctuation sucks

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    Hi Bleachboy!

    It's great to read that you are releasing with so much ease.

    Nothing is necessary. If you don't find saying yes or no to be of value right now then let that go too. However don't be surprised if you find it of value at another time. If and when you do then, you can always answer with yes or no. The interesting thing about answering yes or no is that most times the answer is the release. So even if we get a no, just by answering honestly we have a great release even with a no. But that part of the process may just not be of any use for you right now. Just wondering...Do you find the same is true when releasing holistically? IOWs when you release holistically to you find answering yes or no is superfluous? If yes, then that's just fine.

    Keep letting go into flow,