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  • Catholic here!

    I am a Catholic putting his faith in the New Agey Sedona Method.
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    Welcome Neverland!

    Lester Levenson tells us not to take his word about anything he says but instead to "take it for checking." He doesn't really want us to put our faith in the releasing processes but instead to explore them and see for ourselves through actual direct experience what letting go can do,



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      So far, internally, I see things working, but I don't feel much different than I was before. Perhaps it is because I haven't yet released until a feeling or emotion is cleared. I wasn't sure exactly what topic to choose to release on until the underlying feelings and emotions are cleared. I chose to release on wanting to let go. I basicly find the emotion through asking "Could I allow myself as best as I can to want to let go?" or "Could I welcome this wanting to let go?" or something, and keep saying, out loud, yes to the emotion. I am not a fan of the releasing questions. Perhaps when I am done with the first topic I'll release on that. I want to sharpen the sword first before cutting something. There a thousand things that get in the way of releasing.


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        Hi Neverland!

        Releasing works however we choose to go about it.

        Keep us posted on how your process unfolds,


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          The "feelings" (I don't know what else to call them) I have been releasing are located on the chest. Each feeling "burn" (for lack of better word) while I say yes to it. After a time positive feelings appear and I don't know how to release them. I also don't know if the negative feelings are at least remotely related to the "want to let go" I mentioned before. Sometimes I cannot distinguish between the negative feelings and the positive ones. It feels good, sometimes, to feel as fully as possible the negative feelings I have been releasing.
          Would it work if I just said "yes" in my head and keep my mouth shut?