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What does releasing look like for an advanced releaser on a daily basis?

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  • What does releasing look like for an advanced releaser on a daily basis?

    Hey all! Around ten years ago I found I was numbed out. I grew up in an alcoholic family situation, and really had repressed everything to survive. When I started releasing I couldn't sleep well for weeks. After releasing for two months, the best I could, I suddenly had a monster breakthrough and spent almost two years in a near satori like space. I can feel it as I type. I later found that there was some trauma I couldn't get at / or was too scared to access. I joined a 12 step for children of alcoholics, and somehow was able to go deeper into the stored trauma and had many deep crying releases. I picked up the Sedona method again, with my videos and cd's. I'm in love with it! More than ever. I have a question. What does releasing look like on a daily basis for a person who's been at it for a while and is serious about freedom?

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    Hi benbigelo!

    Thanks for sharing some of your journey with us! Sounds like you've been very courageous in following your healing path.

    Glad to read that you are finding TSM of value again.

    It is impossible to answer your question because everyone is unique. There is no general answer to that kind of question.
    I could be glib and write that we are all already free. We just aren't as fascinated with the freedom that we are as much as we are fascinated with that which we are not. But I don't think that's the kind of answer you are looking for. Perhaps you can ask a question in a slightly different way to get an answer that has meaning for you specifically.



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      Thank you for responding Delilah! I realize it was a pretty vague question. The old TSM video from 1992 talked about releasing on control, approval, and security. Would a one pointed releasing path be mindful and watching to release any and all want for control, approval or safety as the day goes by? In other words, simply being mindful of the want behind one's feelings and letting it go instantly the best one can? Also, the process of letting go, it seems there is an opening up, and no need to necessarily ask the releasing questions for some. Would this be correct?
      Thank you in advance, and bless you!
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        Hi benbigelow!

        The "new" Sedona Method includes all 4 wants that were included in the "old" Sedona Method: Wanting approval, control, security, and oneness. The basics of the Method are all the same in both versions. I recommend that you have a look at The Sedona Method book that has been slightly updated to refresh yourself if you haven't looked at that or the recordings in a while. New ways to invite a release have been coming through Hale that are wonderful and exciting and the idea is to include these new ways to release ALONG with the basics.

        Yes, some folks simply let go without asking any questions. The bodymind learns how to intentionally let go and once that happens a let go can happen instantly. There are different degrees of letting go. The deeper and higher the better, for obvious reasons. All the processes take us as deep and as high as we want to go. It's really up to us, how far we want to go, what our goals are, and how much time we want to spend on our individual process.

        Please keep us posted on how YOUR process unfolds,


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          Thx for being a shining light Delilah. I'm grateful for your responses. Much love always, Ben


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