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Releasing when the emotion causes intense physical pain in the gut

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  • Releasing when the emotion causes intense physical pain in the gut

    Hi I do not know how to release an intense pain in the stomach caused by fear/control I think which literally doubles me over si I have to clutch my stomach in spasms I try to keep going deeper as you instruct but unless I scream or roar as well and release like that it seems impossible to reach through please help

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    a couple of things I do when there is physical discomfort.

    1) Could I resist this sensation as much as I do ?
    Could I accept this sensation as best I can, just for now?

    2)Could I welcome this sensation just for now...

    ..could I notice somewhere it is absent?
    ....and /or could I welcome Beingness


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      thanks hun - much appreciated - will try


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        Hi Angelab!

        zannierose is on spot on!

        Many years ago when I was training with Hale I told him I was having stomach pains when I was releasing and he ask me if I could stop resisting the release. I worked with this the way zannierose suggested and I went even further to address resistance. Lester Levenson says, "The degree to which we resist one thing is the degree to which we resist everything." This pointed me to focusing only on resistance for a while and it helped me enormously both with my releasing and with EVERYTHING.

        Definitely use the holistic release that zannierose shared and also explore resistance directly so you can release on it directly.
        That would look like this:

        What's something I'm resisting?
        Welcome your answer.
        Welcome the resistance to whatever you came up with.
        Could you let go of resisting that?
        Welcome your answer.
        *Repeat until you feel completely at peace.

        **Remember, you can still have an incredible release even if you get "no" for an answer.
        So answer the questions honestly, not how want to or how you think you should.
        Keep going even if you get a "no" for an answer.
        The process works even if you get a "no".
        Be patient and bring gentlelovingkindness to your process as best you can.



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          thank you so much - the only reason I came to sedona was because I was serching how to combat self sabotage and could not stop reisting and so could not work with anything postive -- the stomach pain has been getting worse for months and originated witht this nightmare stress situation I have been living like a zombi in for at least 8 years - jsut got so bad now it is difficult to eat or function but today and I had been trying to separate m yself from this and focusd on my kids projecrs - anyway I jsut had some exciting great ideas ttoday o develop one of my kids projects characters whihc were always meant to be interactive - luckily i have a very creative family so should be able to get all the help I need there and have at last got free to distance myself fromt he proeprty - doing it seems everlasting release exercies nothing much happening just taking hte top off the thoughts but suppose as the original fear not having money is from about 98 it is not suprising - will email you direct in response to yours


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            Get checked for a H. Pylori infection. It causes ulcers.
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