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    Hi all, I’m new to the teachings of Lester and TSM. I’m trying to assimilate the material with an open heart and not from an intellectual standpoint. But to be honest, it’s created some anxieties in me more than enlightenment. The concept of my life being only an illusion and the people who are most important to me as well is difficult to comprehend and accept. My two daughters come to mind. I get the feeling very little value is given to the human experience, as if none of our accomplishments, dreams and aspirations matter except reaching this Christ like state which is very overwhelming. Not here to discredit, simply would like someone perspective.

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    hello Mystere, welcome to the forum.
    I understand your feelings of anxiety. It seems as if you are on the top board of an Olympic swimming pool and that you believe you have got to jump off into the deep end.
    If you were teaching your 2 daughters to swim I think you would take them into the shallow area first, to get them used to the water, and gradually explore the rest of the pool and then the diving boards.
    You can take it slowly with this material, maybe begin with the Sedona Method book and see how applying that material supports what has value to you.
    Hale does not reject us living in the world and having a human life. He does not tell us we have to give up who and what is important to us in the world.

    What if you were to enjoy swimming in the ocean of awareness while having a life?



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      Hi Mystere!

      It can be very helpful for beginner folks and even advanced folks to consider that releasing is an internal process, and yes, even enlightenment is an internal process. We let go inside of our attachments and our aversions and that changes the internal environment of the bodymind. We don't stop interacting and transacting with the material world just because we feel more peaceful, more energized, more creative, or more possible. There is an old adage, "Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. after enlightenment, chop wood, carry water." The goal isn't to leave behind the three dimensional physical world. The goal is to function more optimally in the three dimensional physical world. As you release internally you will find that YOU ARE LOVE and you will find that your love for your daughters and everyone else for that matter is much more expansive, more boundless than you can fathom before letting go. If you have a look at any of The Sedona Method basic written or recorded material, you will see that there is an emphasis on taking action steps towards "our accomplishments, dreams and aspirations". We encourage people to release on any attachments and aversions to taking action steps because we know that it is possible to participate in the material world successfully with peace and joy and love. Seeing through the illusion doesn't stop us from functioning. It helps us to function with more ease.



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        Thank you both for the perspective. I am at the early stages as, I have so far listened only to the recordings of Lester available on YouTube and in the process of completing the book Happiness is free. I will take it a step at a time I guess, I am drawn to it that is certain, because even though I don’t fully grasp the concepts and it sometimes frightens me, I can’t put the book down and always searching for more on the subject. I think one of my biggest hurdles is understanding the no action concept and how that translates to my duties at work and as a provider for my family.


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          Hi again Mystere!

          TSM and Releasing are processes the involve the action of letting go. They are not just ideas or concepts. Letting go, AKA releasing is an actual activity. Because the idea of letting go has been around for a very long time people think of it as an idea or concept. TSM is the "HOW TO" manual for letting go and releasing. Many of Lester's videos do not show people how to actually let go or release. The same is true for the Happiness is Free series. As mentioned earlier in my comments, people confuse the action steps processes with the "no action internal shift" that occurs when one has actually let go inside. Keep reading and exploring and eventually, like hundreds of thousands of folks like you, that anyone can benefit from the processes and that they are actually simple, elegant, and very clarifying.



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            Thank you for the insight Delilah, I will continue on my quest.