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New to TSM and looking for a post I found here, and lost ...

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  • New to TSM and looking for a post I found here, and lost ...

    Hello all,

    I'm very grateful this forum is here, I think the quality of posts on a dedicated forum like this is unmatchable, and yet forums off social media are hard to find these days. Many thanks to whoever is keeping this open ...

    My first question is, can someone point me to a post for newbies who are just overwhelmed about where to start a practice? My goal is mainly emotional, to work on my neuroses, but I'm happy to do all the areas inside Sedona (I'm sure no people or animals I'm in relationship to would mind!) I know I could just pick what comes up each day, but I want something more systematic I guess ... when I listen to seminars, the suggested releases are done at a very high level compared to what I would come up with myself at this stage.

    EDITED: I realized my question could be more clear!

    Maybe this is a better question:

    - So I have the 4-in-1 course which will take 20 days, at least, to get acquainted with. And the workbook is very helpful here, but I guess my first run through the course will be mostly getting the feel of how TSM works beyond the "four questions" you see on youtube.

    - Let's say I have an extra hour a day, during those 20 days, to work on emotional issues ... knowing what you know now, how would you spend that extra hour? Is there something in the SM world you might recommend to use it well?


    Second is, I accidentally came across a post here where someone had written up (in a reply) a guide to the 4 in 1 course that was incredibly useful, like: "this releasing exercise appears on Track 3 of CD 7," and now I can't find this post. I only thought of it the next morning, how useful that would be

    Thank you very much for reading
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    HI TaraB!

    Glad you find this forum of value.

    I suspect that what my answer is will not please you but if you take my suggestion you'll find that it is helpful. Use any time you have to keep moving forward through the 4 in 1 course and simply keep inserting the topic or issue of your concern into any and all of the processes. So if the subject in the recording is health, insert your topic into the questions instead and answer them while focusing on your concern. The reason I suggest this is because every single question and process can be applied to any topic or issue. If you do that you'll be able to simultaneouslye become more familiar with all the processes and discover for yourself which of them you resonate with at this time. It's very common for folks to not resonate with certain processes at one time or another and then later find that those processes hit the mark precisely at a later time. Only you can determine how each process works for you at any given time.

    Keep searching to see if you can find the post with info about where to find a particular release. There are so many recordings and many of us are not able to be that specific but when someone is that's always great!



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      That's a great idea, Delilah, thank you very much. I wouldn't have thought to do that!