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    I got all of what they where saying to do and then some intill the letting go part I had no clue how to or a desire to let go cause I thought if you did then you wouldnt get what you wanted. Until I got the Sedona Method and a few other programs Sedona offers. I am still a tad confused on all of it but the more I listen and let go the more clear things seem to be becoming. Still seems strange to me on things and I still want to be right or in control of different things and of course there is panic on still looking for a job and still not finding after 2 months but releasing on all of that I find more comes up depending on the day. I will continue to post results in other forums.

    Hubby doesnt believe in any of the stuff I am doing lol so not asking him on any improvements...


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    Hi, Shelly,

    This is just something you will have prove to yourself in time. And I see it so much in my own life and in the lives of my clients, that once one is released on a desire, whatever you want almost always falls into your lap.

    Recent personal example: I had been looking for a new cleaning lady for a long time with no success. I finally released some disapproval about my current cleaning lady and felt quite approving and accepting of her. I didn't want a new cleaning lady any more. Two things happened: 1) she immediately started doing all sorts of little extras that I had wanted, without my asking. She became a good cleaning lady. And 2) she went out of town and I found someone else to clean while she was gone who charges less and does a much better job.

    Just keep letting go of all the lacking feelings, the attachments, aversions and non-love feelings. And let us know what happens!

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      Will do are so helpful