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    If everyone had thier #1 goal, I ALLOW MYSELF TO FEEL AS GOOD AS I DO NOW, AND ALLOW MYSELF TO FEEL BETTER. they would begin to see results
    goals are interrupted by the assumption of doubt
    we all know the doubt is just a "feeling" from a thought/ belief anyway,

    a process for this is...
    GOAL- i feel acceptance
    then ask yourself why would you doubt getting this? I DONT KNOW PEOPLE, (this is the feeling doubt)
    then could you let it go? yes
    would you? maybe, but of course you want to... so yeah

    why "time" doesn't matter most of the time, if not all of the time.
    true goals should get your excitement up, as if you know it already here but metaphorically speaking, think of it being under your christmas tree and you already know what it is... feel that? excitement but no surprise when you recieve it LOL!

    REMEMBER the #1 goal is to "right now recognize and feel as good as you do in the moment and find ways to feel better" period.
    that is the secret... luckily lester has a clever little bottoms up process which is "could it get any better?" yes
    could you let go of wanting it to get better? LOL!

    specificity in goals
    yes you could specify you goals, but that in some ways gets in your way. every person is different,
    just remember to use the sight of... your goal, the touch of your goal, the sound of your goal, the smell, the taste... etc.
    while you are enjoying life though the days you will see your goal, you will will hear about it, and then whatever, because feeling as good as you can NOW and striving to feel better should be your #1 goal.

    and remember the top goal is..."right now recognize and feel as good as you do in the moment and find ways to feel better" period.
    good manifesting ps eat healthy and spread the word. it helps alot
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