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    Originally posted by hale dwoskin View Post
    Hi Everyone,
    The Law of Attraction has indeed been over used and over capitalized upon. You already are the abundance you seek and you do not need to pay anyone to be what you are. I would recommend that you simply keep letting go and allow yourself to discover the abundance and beauty that is right within you.

    I typed in "Money" in the search bar because I was looking for some advice/guidance on releasing.

    This was all that I needed to read...


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      Originally posted by hale dwoskin View Post
      I would recommend that you simply keep letting go and allow yourself to discover the abundance and beauty that is right within you.
      My story is (and I know it's just a story, though a very persistent one): I'm born, raised and live in a 3rd world country where more than 80% of people is living below the poverty line. My family has been struggling with money for as long as I can remember... To give you a perspective, US$1,000/month income here is considered well-off and to earn US$2,000-3,000/month is a dream! Right now, I feel like, "I wish I could just earn US$1,000 a month..."
      I have been using the Sedona Method for about 5 years now and it has helped me with other aspects of my life. I wish to be also able to release with money issues as well and manifest abundance in my life. I have used and is still using all the money release recordings and materials I can get my hands on. Recently I just feel much worse about money issues since it seems everyone in the family is having more money struggles all at the same time. I feel I'm sinking into fear and apathy. I feel that the releasing is either not working for me now, or it only exaggerates and makes me more aware of money issues. I have also tried releasing on wanting to change the situation, welcoming what is, and the fifth way. What else can I do to help me release?


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        Hi tonypadua!

        The "worse" feelings are just coming up so they can be released. I hope you keep releasing on them too...

        Have you tried the advantages and disadvantages process and/or the attraction and aversion process on the topic of money? Just a thought....

        It can also be very helpful to notice any feelings of powerlessness around having more money and to welcome that fully. See if you can open wide inside and let any and all of that feeling come up.

        And now check and see if there is any resistance to feeling powerless around having more money...Could you welcome that?

        And now could you let go of the resistance to the powerless feeling?

        Also, release on any fear and apathy as well. These feelings are likely just the next layers that need releasing.

        Please keep us posted and let us know how things are going,


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          Hi Tony,

          Annrika and I do a Free Support Call every month...the latest call was on July 11th, and as it spontaneously turned out, the entire call was focused on money/finances. "The Money Hour!" asI coined it at the end of the Call.
          Here's what a participant on the Support Call sent us shortly after
          the Call:

          "We released on money issues yesterday and I followed
          your suggestions today by releasing on the money goal. Here are
          two gains as a result of that: 1) I was charged twice on my credit
          card for quite an expensive product and the company I ordered
          from had only seen one charge. So I thought I'd never get that
          money back; this happened about 2 - 3 months ago. Today I got
          an email from the company that they found the second charge and
          they will refund the $439.00. 2) I have a workshop scheduled
          for this Sunday, and today someone called me up to say that she's
          coming; that's an additional $195.00. Thank you again very much
          for the support yesterday!" Tom V., Netherlands

          Rest with Tom in the spaciousness and open to unlimited relation to money (and beyond)!

          If you'd like to opt-in to our mailing list, I'll send you the recording of the call (which we always make available to those on our list, whether they participate 'live' or not. Here's the link: http://www.sedonareleasingworldwide....ional-support/

          All the best,
          Tim McCavitt Sedona Method Instructor

          [email protected]


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            There is great power in simplicity. The mind likes to make things complicated so we have created many many fields and businesses around complication. If you take yourself out of the way and do the simple step that's necessary to make something happen, whether it be making money or whatever you want, then you will take a step closer to achieving your goal. Hale has a quote saying "what's the simplest and/or most outrageous thing you can do to take a step towards your goal" and its often the simple step that is outrageous because we thought (our mind) it can't be that simple, there's a million things I have to do or be before I can do that. That's just your mind getting in the way. What's here and now is all that's necessary to keep you own track. Life is all that's needed to keep you moving towards your goal. We are life, we are love, keep moving and keep it simple because before you know it you get there. It really didn't take much to get there.