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Forgiveness and the Law of Attraction

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  • Forgiveness and the Law of Attraction

    While relaxing over the holidays, I was amused at the number of times that a previous acquaintance, co-worker, or friend came to my mind, with whom I had had a challenging encounter. I support and admire all who truly forgive, but I am more amazed by the Law of Attraction's explanation of this dynamic. Forgiveness assumes the following flawed premise: Somebody did something to us that was wrong and it assumes we have a grudge.

    We are all subject to the laws of the universe, such as gravity. Another law, called Law of Attraction states that whatever we vibrate we manifest into our lives. Our vibration is determined by what we think about, ponder, subjects of rumination - such as the past, present and future of our lives. Therefore, whenever challenges enter our lives - people or events - we attracted them through our vibration. Instead of holding grudges against challenging people, we should be giving them standing ovations for their diagnostic genius in providing the perfect prescription for what needs to be cleaned up. Whatever ill feeling has occurred, we have just been given a solution equivalent to six months of therapy at ninety dollars an hour.

    One process for accessing this solution, lies in the energetic explanation of Law Of Attraction. When we experience an unpleasant emotion from a current circumstance or past remembrance, we launch a rocket of desire for a new and improved set of life conditions. Once this rocket is launched, the universe responds and holds the completed, improved situation in vibrational escrow, a kind of a trust fund waiting for our emotional maturation. Our goal is then to increase our vibration so that we are a vibrational match to this manifested vision. Once this happens then we get access to the escrow or trust fund.

    Therefore, in the case of challenging human interactions the steps are as follows:

    Step One: Acknowledge The Rocket They Helped You To Launch:
    "Through my life experience with you I have given birth to something different. I am going to leave you where you are to tend to your own reality, while I hold to the vision that you helped me to conger.”

    Step Two: Acknowledge That Improving Your Vibration Will Heal All:
    "Challenging Person, when I get so good at appreciating the rocket you helped me to launch, my challenges with you will become irrelevant and our former troubled relationship will become irrelevant, because I will have become a vibrational match to my dreams and they will be fulfilled."

    One possible solution is that the person involved will change their behavior. In other words, our improved vibration inspires a new way of being from this person as they interact with us. The second way that our vision may manifest is through new people entering our lives. There are a world full of beings out there who are already a vibrational match to what we want. When we become a vibrational match to what we want, these beings must come to us.

    Step Three: Increase Vibration:
    There are clear easy to use processes, such as the Sedona Method and focus wheels, that help us improve our thoughts and emotions thereby increasing our vibration. Please see my blog dated August 11, 2010: "Increasing Vibration" for a full explanation.

    The universe is orchestrating circumstances and events to accommodate us on every subject in the world – not just relationships. If what we want is not coming to us, it’s not because we are deprived. It is simply that we are a temporary vibrational mismatch to what we are seeking. This brand new year I give not an olive branch to my challenging people, but a mint leaf, in gratitude for the fresh and lively new start that each and every one of them has inspired within me. No grudges and no forgiveness necessary.

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    Forgiveness can release emotional blocks, old wounds, and create friends from old enemies. Most importantly, forgiveness can cleanse your spirit and reopen parts of you that have been locked away for decades.

    We all struggle with things that happen in our lives. Often unpleasant things have a way of building up in our energy bodies to the point where we no longer are as open or as loving as we used to be. The potential for powerful emotion can be stifled, and our days may gradually become more dull and dreary than they were before.


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      The absence of absolution twists your general surroundings. Cenforce 100 It's stuff loaded up with second thoughts and negative feelings. It's the lower vibrational vitality and obstruction that keep you from showing your wants. At the point when you pardon yourself, you abandon the majority of that.