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Story about "jumping fleas"

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  • Story about "jumping fleas"

    My dear friends,

    some of you are enjoying in Sedona on Nine day retreat, today was the first day!!!! , some of you are here going through all the posts that were posted. Some of you are posting stories that remind of certain parts of our conversations here on this community

    This story that I read today made me translate it from my language to english so I can post it here for you to read. Maybe some of you already heard of it but anyway it is good to hear it again

    "You probably heard about "flea jumpers" (animal flea that is jumping) Here is how they (trainers) trained them. They closed them in small bottle with glass cover. And fleas jump
    They hit glass cover with their heads, mani times. After a while they realize and say: I had enough of this hitting with my head in the cover and they begin to jump lower.
    When they start to jump lover that is a sign to trainer that they learned a lesson.
    So trainers removed a cover and the fleas could jump out but they don’t since they learned how to jump lower.
    Most of us were learned how to jump just from certain height. All our life our family, society that we live in, our country, our FEARS are telling us: That is maximum what you can get, that is the highest you can jump. You are not so important, you are not valuable. You are just ordinary individual and you cant fulfill nothing special. (those are beliefs)

    (I am sure this is known to most of us)

    We are learned just like those fleas to jump only till certain height, having fear of jumping higher. We are holding emotion of fear that if we jump higher we will hit and hurt our heads or even worse

    And for real do we jump that high as we are capable to? Or we surrend ourselves to influence of our surrounding and negative thinking?

    Just imagine that you have a magical stick that you can use on certain part of your life, so your wishes can come true. What wishes would you like to fulfill? Everything that human mind can imagine (law of atraction) he can fulfill. But two of the biggest obstacles on that path are: emotions of FEAR AND DOUBT.

    -unknown author-

    The key of resolving those emotions is letting go (this is something that I am adding and who ever wrote this great story missed this last part that I added )

    With letting go finally we can jump as high as we want!!!

    Jump so high so you can reach the moon, and even if you miss it you will end up between the stars
    Do what you do when you are doing it, and don't do what you are not doing when you are not doing it!

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    With letting go I do not need to jump, I can just be in whatever is, undisturbed. Simple as that.