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Hale, how did you meet your wife?

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  • Hale, how did you meet your wife?

    I know the title might be a bit personal and my requests bit stupid, but after hearing your story, I wanted to know more. You see, I"m in love with a particular girl, and there are some similarities:
    1. She likes other guys
    2. I love her

    And now for the juicy part. In the Effortless Creation Course you said that if you specify the name, there is some wanting to control. So what is your take on this? Can you please provide some assistance as well as tips and tricks. Thank you in advance.

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    This is such nice and interesting topic for me...
    I want to know about the facts of people...!


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      Trying to get some ideas, and in looking for someone or just happened? Before marriage. How was your self-esteem at the time. His vision? Before you got married. How was your self esteem at the time. Your insight?