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When The Sh*t Hits The Fan

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  • When The Sh*t Hits The Fan

    So what did it look like when the sh*t hit the fan? I rear ended another car at light ruining a life long perfect driving record, did not come to a complete stop at a stop sign and earned a $200 ticket, further ruining my driving record, my transmission blew in my car totaling it, watched office politics unfold and claimed my space as the scapegoat feeding the blood suckers I was surrounded by with the equivalent of steak tartar, found out on Monday at 10am that my landlord was expecting me to be out of my apartment on Monday at 10am and moved my apartment in one day in 106 degree heat. This is all occurred in about four weeks.

    Despite my best attempts to keep my mind from chomping down on the chewy, cherry center of "the somebody burned me" donut, I didn't have any luck. I was stuck in the mode of regurgitating my sorrows. I spent days and hours releasing and couldn't quite get unstuck. I also included many other techniques, such as some tools from the Law of Attraction. So the only thing left to do was to come up with something new. What I created worked quite well and would like to know if it works for you too.

    Step One: Catch It when your mind first starts to ruminate – do not allow yourself to let it unfurl, like a traffic accident on a rainy highway.

    Step Two: Acknowledge: “This is nothing more than my mind dancing with me and attempting to engage me in a painful dance. This event that I have begun rehashing is over and done with. This is vibrational history. Continuing down this path is the vibrational equivalent of eating poisonous food.

    Step Three: Think of Some Spiritual Person who is truly living a spiritual life on a day to day basis. I recently had someone like that come into my life. Not a guru or a leader in a spiritual path, but someone following a specific religious path that lives the path, conscientiously and purely. I discovered that there was a real cleansing power occurring in my mind when I replaced “bothersome thought” with “the face and name of a pure devotee”. I saw the persons face, and repeated their name steadily and slowly over and over. It had the same purifying effect on my mind that a juice fast has on my body, or that a washing machine has on a pair of dirty tennis shoes.

    If no one comes to mind for you immediately, then use someone that everyone likes like: Mother Theresa, Ghandi, or Martin Luther King. Read books about this person to increase your personal connection to them. Perhaps there is a grandmother in your neighborhood who takes care of all the stray animals, or perhaps there is someone who runs a restaurant and also feeds the homeless on the side …. all good candidates.

    Virtually, every time my mind started to chomp down on the good gooey stuff in the chewy, cherry center of the life chaos donut and I used this technique, the need to chomp vanished. I moved onto something else, and only after time did I remember that I was chomping just a short time ago and freed myself, yet never remember being freed. It was more like being sucked into another and better reality. Even when I tried to recall the moment I relinquished my obsession on my oppressors, I could not remember. Feel free to see the longer version of this story on my blog at
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