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How To Visualize When Just Seem to Think You Cant.

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  • How To Visualize When Just Seem to Think You Cant.

    I've tired several new methods of visualizing .
    It’s funny but when you try an explain things to an 8 year old most times you end up teaching yourself a few things.
    I bought the Silva Method training Program over the last summer and ever since I've been meditating sometimes up to 3 times a day.
    And my now 9 year old son practices with me quite often and loves to go to sleep with the daisy pond exercise.
    He usually tosses and turns and fidgets.
    I told him he could change the meditation if he want to every time he does it.
    I asked him what are you seeing?
    Describe it for me.

    I told him as I put the Velcro numbers on the black velvet curtain at first I was imagining the type we’ve all at some point have stuck to the frig the little colored ones with the magnets. I decided that they didn’t have to be only what Ive seen before ,that I could create anything I wanted! After all it’s my meditation right? So I decided the numbers were big white ornate as big as two hands!

    As we count down 10 -9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-I told him to start to experiment with seeing the numbers maybe as if they were on a swing swinging back and forth to a beat,or perhaps the numbers on nascar cars as they raced by and circled the track 10-9-8-7- or like lights blinking in the black sky“1”-“2”-“3” or any combination or all.

    I told him some times when I cant "think" or "see" it I just "feel" it.
    Like as I visualize walking along the steps I look down and see my bare feet I feel them touching the cool stone or the moist damp grass ,smell the hay or hear the water over “there” actually turn your head let your eyes move up and over down and to the side actually let your self be there. Let yourself experience the scene,reach out and feel the plants as you walk by, feel the smile on your face touch your own skin feel the shade of the tree or the sun warming your body.
    Maybe look into the eyes of and animal ,reach out to feed the horse an apple feel his hot breath upon your hand as his soft lips touch the palm of your hand, the more emotional you make it the better. Happy meditating!

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    Your love for your son and sharing with him is so sweet!
    "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so." Shakespeare: Hamlet