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How to know which intuition should I follow?

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  • How to know which intuition should I follow?

    I have been studying TSM for the last 10 months, although I am still getting to grips with it, but I have also been listening to Paul Scheels Living the Law of Attraction Paraliminal.

    One thing I have noticed from listening to this paraliminal is that I find I get quite a few money making ideas popping into my head from time to time, which are obviously intuitions.

    Some of them seem to be a bit way out and others seem ok. The problem I have is that I head bank all these intuitions, which makes them all seem really appealing. I know that Dale says we should not do this and I do try and release on this head banking.

    But what I would like to know is there a way of using TSM to decide which of these intuitions is the right one to follow for my best interest?

    Hope I have explained this in an understandable way, and hope there is some there who could give me some advice?


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    One thing that worked for me is to write out the ideas and then just release and release more. Holistic releasing works well for this because you can release on going ahead with it and dumping the idea at the same time. Then you get to a point where it's just an idea without emotion attached. I also find if I'm still thinking about it a day or two later it means it's something I should be doing.

    Treat them like goals and do pro and con releasing on them.



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      Hi Nigel,

      Who knows what is a thought or an idea or an intuition? And what difference does it make? If you are getting a series of thoughts/ideas/intuitions write them down and allow yourself to go with the one(s) that you'd like to go with. ( Also notice evidence for abundance just in the appearance of these several intuitions and see if you can welcome that.) In the end taking actions steps will be needed so see what comes up when you think about taking action and release on whatever comes up. For the ideas that seem way out, release on those too. Notice what comes up when you think about taking action on those as well.

      Also release on all your thoughts and feelings about money...having and not having, advantages and disadvantages, and the wants, etc. as the topic of money appears in awareness. Any releasing on any topic allows us to experience flow and allows to be receptive to the flow of money.

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        Thanks Delilah and Alex for you help.

        When I look back over the years I have often had this sort of intuition or ideas, but I think it would be safe to describe myself as being a bit of a dreamer. So I have often dismissed these sort of thoughts as being nothing but mad cap ideas. I tend to over build them but then donĀ“t know how to even get the idea off the ground or the result is far from what I wanted.

        So I will try the advice you have mentioned so that I can sort the wheat out from the chaff and only concentrate on the ideas worth concentrating on.

        Many thanks