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  • Loving Your Goal

    I took a course a few years ago by someone who taught very similarly to TSM. He taught being mindful and just observing and accepting your resistance, which has always helped me a great deal.

    Then he taught something else which I found quite interesting and useful, and I'm wondering how or if it could fit into TSM, or what TSM's view of this would be.

    It was to love the goal. In that course he said you can't do any of this to try to get the goal, but to give yourself the feeling now. To hold the goal and to love it into being.

    So essentially to envision and feel the having of the goal, not because we need it but because it is enjoyable to do so, and it really doesn't matter if the goal comes or not.

    It seems very much in alignment with TSM, but I'm just curious.

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    I recommend trying it and let us know your experience.



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      Hi devbanana!

      Yes, it's very much in keeping with TSM.

      A holistic release would be:

      Could you hate your goal as much as you do?

      Could you love your goal as best you can?

      Play around with that and you might discover that loving something is not just an idea but an actual experience that you can easily access if you know how to peel away everything that isn't love.



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        Plz share something more about it and also your experience.