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How to Permanently Release Desire to Become Hootless?

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  • How to Permanently Release Desire to Become Hootless?

    I've recently been using releasing on a few goals.

    One is a money goal, and I can release it, I can release all attachments and aversions to it, and I can release the desire, all FULLY, to the point where there is nothing left to release that I can find and I am quite "high" at this point. I can imagine my goal and feel nothing but "having it" / fulfillment.

    So, that's all good. The problem is, I "mess it up" later throughout the day. Meaning, it doesn't seem like that release of Desire stays - it's like it "re-generates" - and I got back to thinking about the goal in a "wanting" / craving way again. This happens some time after the "high" feeling has gone away.

    I've been told there is just more desire to be released, but I really don't think that's true, because I've been doing this for one month straight, every day, and every day I can FULLY release the desire until there is nothing left. Even 30min to 1hr later I can go back to check and there is still no desire left to be released; it's gone, and I feel good.

    But then if I start thinking about it in a "wanting" way later on when I'm in a lower state, it's like I can re-generate the energy of the desire, and then later on that day or the next day, there is energy again in the feeling of desire to be released. The same pattern repeats itself day after day.

    It's like the Releasing releases all the stored up "energy" of desire, but doesn't actually cause a permanent non-wanting.

    Thus, the feeling of hootlessness / I have it ends up being only a short term thing, while the "wanting" ends up being more dominant in total, and thus my goal is not showing itself.

    Any ideas on what I can do?

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    Hi SeanG!

    Instead of trying to get rid of the wanting or craving, welcome it whenever it shows up. Remember that welcoming is the second most fundamental way to let go. Allow wanting and craving to be here fully and see what happens.



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      Thank you Delilah!

      So far, this seems to be working better.
      It does still seem like the desire doesn't "stay" gone, but when it comes up, and I just welcome and allow it, and it dissipates, and I feel lighter, it seems like the desire isn't quite as strong as before.

      I hope I'll eventually be able to reach Hootlessness on this!


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        Great job SeanG!!!