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  • Help needed.

    I’ve got myself into a little bit of a pickle…

    Before I discovered TSM, my daily ‘self help’ routine consisted mainly around principles & ideas associated with the Law Of Attraction (via Ronda Byrne & youtube). I would wake up & aim to be aware as much as I could & if my mind wandered too much or became negative, I would either make a point of registering the thought & quickly move on or I would counteract it with a repetitive, polarised opposite thought. I would do some gratitude work before I went down for breakfast. Before I started work I would do some basic meditation & visualisation work. I work at home as an artist, so throughout the day I would at least try & be aware/be present as much as I could. I would also visualise some of my goals throughout the day, with myself in the picture. During lunch I would do a ‘gratitude stack’. When I was outside I would make an effort to generally be more smiley with people (which is a pretty rare in London) & make a point of acknowledging things I liked or that were positive.
    Overall, things seemed much better with this new positive approach to my weekly routine. My partner noticed how much calmer & positive I seemed. Rhonda Byrne stated that one had to try to “feel as good as one could” because the vibe’ we gave out was returned to us. The impression I got from her videos & writing was that she eliminated her depression relatively quickly with TSM. So, I thought I would take a few steps back, get Hales’ book & get to work on tackling some my negative thoughts, feelings of hopelessness or anxiety . When I started releasing I abandoned most of the LOA work mentioned above.

    Over the last few days I’ve felt very conflicted. I’m nearly halfway through Hale’s book & again, I get the impression from the book that one is expected to notice a difference quite quickly, when for example, releasing on “resistance” or feelings of being “stuck”. At the mo I’m feeling really down & frustrated. The releasing I’m doing doesn’t seem to be noticeable at all & I’ve abandoned the LOA stuff that was making a difference.

    So, I’m wondering is this a common crossroads I’ve found myself at? Is there a daily balance that I could get with TSM & LOA work – if so, what would that look like? How much releasing should I be doing throughout the day - 2 hours for example? Should I put LOA aside & focus on releasing until I get results? One may suggest releasing on "being in a pickle", but then as I'm not noticing a difference, regardless of how many countless times I release throughout the day, then I'll probably feel in a pickle again...

    Many thanks

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    Hi Daley!

    Paying attention to our thoughts is always of value. And you were actually releasing every time you dropped a negative and switched focus to a positive. "Dropping it" is the First most fundamental way to let go. The fact of the matter is that we can not control all our thoughts and feelings. Releasing will address the thoughts that we are not aware of. 1. Many people compare their process to others and it's unfair for us to do that. 2. Releasing will address the thoughts and feelings we aren't aware of and will support releasing them. When this starts to happen some uncomfortable and unpleasant thoughts will come up and that's a good thing. TSM will go as deep as we are willing to go. So the way we think about this is while exploring TSM is that those thoughts are coming up to be released. If we keep releasing we find eventually that we do feel much better.

    As far as how long or often to release. More garners more results. It's really up to us to determine the pace we want to go. However, let me repeat, each of us has our own process and pace and looking to others for comparison isn't really helpful.



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      Hi Delilah,

      Thank you for your response - much appreciated.