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Release On The Three Root Wants

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    Originally posted by solaris View Post
    Hello Delilah. Thanks for the reply. I do understand there are many different techniques because the mind can get bored. Plus different people like different techniques. Lester, himself, said he released great chucks by simply saying, "I am not this. Finished. Done. Period. That's it!" I however modified this as it has been said the subconscious can't see the not. So my version is, "I let it go. I release it. Finished, Done. Period. That's it!" The same is true with goals I phrase things to avoid not's and no's.

    Eckhart Tolle says simply paying attention to the mind is all that is required [to release]. In performing that method there is nothing for the mind to get used to as you, the I am aware, are simply "watching" it. I agree this is very powerful but happen to think Sedona Method releasing is an added tool. I believe Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now" is the why and Sedona is the how-to.

    I have also thought about and done what you have suggested. I have focused on releasing ALL wants, ALL desires, ALL fear, ALL anger, ALL everything, etc. I do believe this helps greatly as it isn't necessary to find every little bit that is blocking peace and one's goals. Sure release on what bubbles up but I believe "attacking" the root of the problem is best. You don't kill a weed by chopping off the top you kill it by neutralizing the root.

    Also releasing doesn't require understanding of why? That is a mind game.

    For the release "I let it go. I release it. Finished, Done. Period. That's it!", did you feel a release in the beginning with doing this? Or was it mostly just to let go of the thoughts and gained strength as you used it more and more? Can you tell me a little more about how you use it? I agree with you on releasing the base wants, I did this with approval. I'd use a holistic - I approve of myself/I disapprove of myself and then switch to - Could I allow myself to want approval as much as I do? Could I rest as the ultimate approval that is I am. This has given me good results, I'd do it for an hour at a time. Also, I'd just let go of disapproval for a while and welcome approval, I'd switch between these. I will try this releasing on security as well. Also, last night I focused into my body and did a holistic I came up with which gave me an interesting release.

    "I am that which created suffering/I am that which unravels it", this gave me some deep releases in an area that was pretty solid and dense.


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      Hi 144Life!

      Great post!

      I can't answer for Solaris. I hope that Solaris can answer your questions.

      When we bring awareness to thoughts or feelings we are really welcoming them. Welcoming is the second most fundamental way to release. The better welcomer we are, the better releaser we are. I agree with you about TSM. It offers specific processes that allow seeing through all illusions and supports just dropping them effortlessly.

      Your ideas for holistic releasing are great!
      Check and see what you might experience if you asked "Could I allow myself to rest as that which is not affected by the absence of presence of suffering".
      And "Would it be OK if the feeling of "I" just dissolved?" "When?"
      You might also explore, "Can I find the one that creates or unravels anything?" Welcome your answer. If yes, check and see if that is just another thought or feeling or even just a memory coming up to be released.

      Thank you for sharing your process with us!