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    Awesome technique!
    Everywhere u look in the spiritual world you see people say you are not your mind you are not your body you are beingness or spirit one spirit.
    So I started thinking to myself I am not this body I am not this mind I am not the mind I am not the body I am beingness.

    Anyway I started noticing that I was literally lifting up felt higher than before and realised that maybe I shouldn't keep affirming it as it contained the word not in it and the subconscious might get the wrong idea lol. So I thought how else can I think of the same idea different words and it came to me.

    The/this physical body has nothing to do with what I am or who I am
    The/this mind has nothing to do with what I am or who I am and I swear after a few times of affirming this I felt like I was literally lifting I felt scared a lil lol like I was gnna leave my body or something felt like how I felt when I smoked weed in the past like I was literally high haha. I felt on a experiential level that I wasn't my body but around it like I was inhabiting my etheric, emotional, mental and astral bodies more than the physical it felt incredibly amazing very free and light imagine feeling like that all the time wow.

    Gonna keep playin with this and see whre it takes me to infinite and beyond ,
    So practically just keep looping these thoughts through ur head
    The/this physical body has nothing to do with what I am or who I am
    The/this mind has nothing to do with what I am or who I am

    You can also say this feeling/thought has nothing to do with what I am or who I am when a negative feeling surfaces works great
    Your basically using the mind/ego to undo the mind

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    Exactly yoyoyo! That's exactly what we are doing; using the mind to go beyond the mind.



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      Dear Letting Go Talker, You are right in general about how "not" works. Yet the subconscious believes, let's say at 94% effectiveness, that it/you Are the body-mind. Therefore some raising of awareness is possible by a limited amount of saying "I am not the body . . . etc" just because you're bringing your discernment to that subject instead of letting it run in the background on automatic. Maybe you felt higher/moving up to astral awareness in part because of that. It's good to perceive yourself as being in control, I'd imagine, but countless people have moved their awareness out of the body or had it moved out for them, and came back to it just fine. Seeing more of the astral or higher idea realm is one of the basic steps as we become individually more aware, and collectively more aware. In 2016 I went to a medium and asked for Lester Levenson . The medium had no idea who I was, never saw her before, nor who Lester was. Yet what she said Lester said was spot on. "He's not apologizing but saying that he was too rough on you. Was there ever times when you had conflict?" "The last time I saw him alive !" I laughed. "He kicked me off of the 100-acre property west of Sedona where he was holding a retreat because I wasn't signed up but was there anyway. He was trying to move his students away from the world and said I was bringing the world in." I left but I wish I'd told him, Hey, I've paid my dues and have the right to be here. I've taken 10 of your classes." "Well, he says he didn't need to be that abrupt or heavy-handed. But he doesn't do it as an apology, just a comment." Lester wouldn't apologize even when he changed his mind about something and said he had had it wrong earlier on. Bullseye. You may be able to gain more conscious dialogue with him with what you're doing.


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        At home dodging Covid19 corona virus I have just tried your technique for five minutes and felt the "higher" experience. For me I started giggling because releases came spontaneously as I repeated the lines, which I modified to This body is different than I am. This mind is different than I am. I have rented them for a season to learn lessons.