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Wondering how to release on delays in life

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  • Wondering how to release on delays in life

    Hi all,

    Question 1:
    I have experienced delays in many areas of life including personal and professional. Keeping it simple without divulging too much here.

    I have tried to release on wanting control, wanting permission/approval, as well as the resistance. How else should I facilitate releasing the stuckness and delays?

    Question 2:
    I have recently become aware of a certain quality of almost having no expectation about my desires (but it is not like the neutral hootlessness); it's more of an apathetic feeling. Close to feeling shame/guilt on wanting something - it's not even that strong that I can concretely label it as either guilt/shame, it's more sneaky than I would like to admit. Any recommendations on how to effectively release this?

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    Hi soblessed!

    Welcoming stuckness fully allows us to release it.

    You might also release on who you have allowed to decide what is considered a delay and release on your attachment and aversion to this decision.

    The same goes for apathy. Welcome it fully and then see if you can release it. If not, then welcome it some more.
    Reading through the list of words under apathy in the list of emotions and releasing on the ones that resonate for you can be most helpful in shaking loose apathy.