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  • Sixth Way?

    Searching around on YouTube I found some passing references to a Sixth Way of releasing where you imagine the situation from the perspective of God to release.
    Is this part of the Sedona Method? I can’t find a complete description of this Sixth Way anywhere...

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    this sounds quite close to Hale's recent introduction of the Free Way. Have you heard him use it in some of the telecalls he does each month?


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      Oh yes - I actually heard it described in a Yourube video by someone else discussing the Sedona Method. It was described as the Freeway as well so that must be it.
      Are there any presentations or literature around it that are easy to access?


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        Hi mjclark!

        There is some information on the Free Way throughout the more recent support calls during the last 6 months. And there is more mention by Hale of this way in his last several retreats.

        Essentially the Free Way consists of questions from the highest perspectives. So it would go like this:

        Does Freedom worry about the future?

        Does Love judge?
        Does Love disapprove?
        Does Love need approval?

        Can Beingness be confused?
        Can Beingness be hurt?

        I hope this helps to illustrate how it works.



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          Thank you again for a really helpful and clear answer.
          I remember a thing from Norman Vincent Peale about imagining how you would feel if Jesus was sitting in the room with you, which has a similar feel to it.

          Just reading the questions in your reply is very powerful!


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            My pleasure mjclark!