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  • publicizing the movie

    Hmmm ... not quite sure which forum this message should be in ...
    In any case, here is a little blurb I'm using to publicize the new movie, Letting Go. If you've been trying to come up with copy to use on posters, etc, please feel free to use and adapt this to your needs.

    What if your stress, worry and frustration don’t really belong to you? What if your limiting beliefs about yourself (can’t, not good enough, don’t deserve) aren’t actually about you at all? The extraordinary new film, Letting Go, will introduce you to the possibility that you could simply let go of those shadows. It will show you a simple method that you can use to set free your true inner strength, your real power and possibility. It will help you to live with a sense of relaxation and fun as you create a good life for yourself and your loved ones.
    Ryu Yoshida

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    Sounds good Ryu. Have you thought about getting a showing at The Linda? I watched Wayne Dyer's Shift there. There were some holistic presenters after that. The money thing may be complicated. The woman who brought The Shift to The Linda did it with a little help from her husbands company. The Breathing Room and the libraries are a good start


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      Hi Ryu,

      This is very helpful for anyone planning to share/watch the movie with family, friends and associates.

      I have also posted it in the Coaches Forum, which you have access to (continue to scroll down the forums).

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