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The Missing Side of a Polarity

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  • The Missing Side of a Polarity

    The Sedona Method® offers a number of powerful tools to let go in the moment. One of these tools is called Holistic releasing. In short: you dissolve 2 opposite poles into each other, by focussing on each of the poles, going back and forth (5-7 times).

    Everything in our world arrises in pairs, like 2 poles of a magnet. You can compare it with the 2 sides of a coin: when you throw the head in the air, you throw the tail with it.

    Unfortunately we focus a lot on one of the sides of polarities. And this is what causes a lot of inner tension. The other side of the polarity stays hidden (because unconsciously we push it away - we want to focus on our preferred polarity). An inner conflict, which causes tension, comes with that. And we do this many, many times during the day!

    This inner tension can be easily let go of by focussing on the 'missing side of the polarity'. You can do this with 'big' preferences, but also with all the small ones you encounter during the day. Please try this at home!

    For example, when I notice myself having a preference, I search within myself for the 'missing side of the polarity', and do a Holistic release with both sides. It helps to find the right words with this.


    Could I allow myself to feel as tired as I do?
    Could I allow myself to be open to the possibility to feel as energetic as I can?

    Could I allow myself to accept feeling as constrained as I do?
    Could I allow myself to accept feeling as expanded as I do?

    Could I welcome feeling glad?
    Could I welcome feeling sad?

    Could I welcome wanting approval as much as I do?
    Coudl I welcome wanting dispproval as much as I do?

    Everytime you notice yourself attatched to one pole, find the missing one! The more you practice this,the more relaxed you will get! Try it for a while and let me know how you are doing.

    And as I was busy adding this article as a blog to my website, an annoying technical issue arrose which did cost me a lot of time to correct... giving me the opportunity to add an even more powerful Holistic release:

    Can I welcome wanting to change what is as much as I do?
    Can I welcome accepting what is as best as I can?


    Great, I can use this
    Okay, sounds good
    Hmm, whatever
    Please clarify some more
    Redundant to me

    The poll is expired.

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    Dear Claire,

    thank you for this wonderful post. I like very much the "2 sides of a coin" idea and the "having a preference" idea and then looking for the missing one.
    Great article!
    For your freedom & well-being
    Jerome Goldschmidt
    Right here, right now is all there is.


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      Thank you Clarie


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        As I mentioned above, this is a great article by Claire explaining the holistic releasing tool.
        If some of you are confused about this process or if there is a sense there of wanting to understand it, just ask yourself the following question:

        could I let go of wanting to understand it ?
        could I let go of wanting to figure it all out ?

        "Yes" or "No" are both acceptable answers. Whatever feels more natural to you.

        If you answer "yes" to the above question, you should feel a sense of lightness and relaxation.

        If your answer is "no", you could ask yourself:
        Could I give myself permission to hold on to it?

        Allow yourself to explore that on your own.
        If you need assistance, you can always contact one of the many wonderful coaches on this site. The first session is free.
        For your freedom & well-being
        Jerome Goldschmidt
        Right here, right now is all there is.