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allowing the feeling of hate go to get to the love.

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  • allowing the feeling of hate go to get to the love.

    I was brought up that it was right to be kind and generous to everyone, that I had to be "nice". So, I get this feeling like I have alot of supressed energy ready to explode from tring always to be "NICE" for years. Last night I asked could I give myself permission to Hate?? and then all of this energy just came rushing through. It was like a volcano. It did not feel restricted or hurtful or any of that. Just like a continuous flow of energy. Like water flowing over the body. Afterwards I felt a calm I haven't felt since a child. It was incredible and afterwards I see that I did not hate but that love and understanding was right underneath that hate feeling.
    Plant head.,

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    Thank you for sharing this. What a wonderful gain.


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      Hooray for emotional freedom, eh? :-)

      Great, happy with/for you!


      Why keep it?


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        Whoa, awesome! I had a similar upbringing - I've always been seen as "the nice guy", but it's often felt like a phony identity because I had all this anger underneath. I'm going to try allowing hate and anger and see what happens! Thanks for sharing


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          What I notice is that my niceness becomes a little more genuine, because it is coming from loving and not wanting approval.


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            It shows how easy and safe it is to let the bad to come up, to release and give space for the genuine to shine through.
            Thanks for sharing Plant Head - this is great !


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              Thanks Planthead I too bought into being nice as a consequence of a difficult childhood, my Dad had anger issues and I turned to 'goodism' whilst my sister went the other way and rebelled. I'll go through the releasing process you used 'Could I allow myself to hate?' and see what happens. I found Dr Sarno's books useful relating to TMS a syndrome that creates pain in the body as a consequence of repressed rage and 'goodism'. However TSM and BLG are really powerful tools as we know already. Best Julzes


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                Planthead, I was brought up to believe that not only was it not nice to hate others, it was a sin! This was reinforced in other spiritual groups I was in. When I allowed myself to see the anger as energy and just let it be there, it was a great relief. In fact, last night I allowed myself to curse like mad (something else forbidden for so long and a really good releasing tool for me) when something spilled in my refrigerator. I ended up cleaning the refrigerator and feeling so much lighter. And the fridge looks a lot better, too.