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What are the six steps Lester is talking about?

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  • What are the six steps Lester is talking about?

    In the audio recording "Going Free" from Private Lessons with Lester he says anyone using the six steps continually will go free in a matter of a month or two or three. what are these steps he is talking about?

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    The Six Steps

    1. You must want imperturbability more than you want approval, control and security.
    2. Decide you can do the Method and be imperturbable.
    3. See all your feelings culminate in three wants – the want of approval, control and security/survival. See that immediately and immediately let go of the want of security/survival.
    4. Make releasing constant.
    5. If you are stuck, let go of wanting to control the stuckness.
    6. Each time you release you are happier and lighter. If you release continually, you will be continually happier and lighter.

    Fast Steps To Freedom

    �� Get everything only by releasing
    �� Practice witnessing things more while releasing.
    �� Take responsibility for everything.
    �� Take all your joy from within.
    �� Be all giving.
    �� Be Yourself.

    - Lester Levenson


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      Thanks Daren. Where did you find this information?


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        Originally posted by FreeMan View Post
        Thanks Daren. Where did you find this information?
        no problem. If you do a google search the info is available


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          Hello, can anyone help me?
          I want to learn more the Sedona method from Lester Levenson.
          which course or DVDs do I need to buy?
          I want everything!! All the talks Lester gave in the past!! Everything!!
          thank you so much

          joana stammen


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            Lester is no longer alive. Hale has taken over getting this work into the world. There are some youtube videos of Lester speaking. The Supercourse is a great way to go deeper.
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