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TSM in the context of Trauma Work

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  • TSM in the context of Trauma Work

    This is my first post here. My background: read TSM book 10 years ago now, been releasing ever since. As I use other modalities also, I have noticed that those also induce the phenomena indicative of letting go: relaxed breathing out, mucle tension dropping, changes of skin color etc. I am studying Family Constellation Work and for those that know that modality, it appears that letting go happens when certain sentences of completion are uttered. From another angle, the 'discharge' of frozen energy that Peter Levine et al describe (Somatic Experiencing) is clearly letting go. The differences seem to be in how the discharge/release is induced (and that is a big coloring condition).

    So I am really curious, are there any here who have thought and/or experienced TSM in relation to traumatisation, particularly in working with others? I made a search on 'trauma' on the forums and I am not sure I would call some of those experiences 'trauma' (frozen/collapsed state), but others, most certainly.

    I am thinking how Levine's concept of 'pendulation' -- alternating a stable state with slight pushes into the traumatised state, then stabilising again etc -- would apply to work with TSM modality. One of his chief insights is that trauma work must be done in careful doses ('titration').

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    Hi Estragon!

    I have successfully worked with people who have been raped, assaulted, molested, survived war and torture using TSM. And yes, it is best to titrate the process.