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    Hi there,

    I have trouble bevolking the sadness, or welcoming it. Can I listen to sad music that I like to let the tears come in and really fully feel the sadness to then eventually let it go? I feel that if I like the music, I will get attached to the sadness... but I usually feel better after crying! I find it easier to let the sadness come up when I talk about it with another person.

    I also tried sedona method without music, and I don't feel much of a difference when I ask the three questions. Once I felt a tiny difference and then after that, I keep wanting to be present in the emotion but the questions seem intellectual, "could I let it go?" just seems too simple or doesn't evoke much of a difference. Although I am very open to this method. I have a lot of suppressed sadness and anxiety in my solar plexus that I constantly feel.

    Thank you.

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    Hi laura7777!

    Notice the sensation of the sadness in the solar plexus and allow the sensation to do what it is doing. Welcome it as best you can first. Then notice any resistance to it. Welcome that up too. Keep paying attention to what is going on in the body from the chin down. In the beginning that helps to see how the releasing is going. Check and see if you can completely open to the feeling of wanting to get rid of the sensation. Then see if you can let go of wanting to get rid of it. And then see if you can let go of wanting to let go. If you find that you can't let go then see if you can allow yourself to hold on as much as you are. Give yourself over to holding on fully. Take your time with this. This is welcoming the holding on and welcoming is the second most fundamental way to let go.

    Even though we let go all day long naturally once we focus on letting go intentionally it takes a little practice. Keep playing around with the above suggestions and see what happens.