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Letting go on wanting control

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  • Letting go on wanting control

    Hi all,

    I am still relatively new to this having touched on releasing several years ago and then become reacquainted with it recently. I've been working through a few courses but I am starting to realize how can apply releasing in my daily life.

    I found myself sad and worried today so I checked in.

    I'm basically worried about my little newbie middle schooler who is struggling with the change of schools, the overwhelm, the lack of friends.

    I feel a strong hardness in my chest and a vague sense of nausea

    Where does this feeling come from?

    Wanting control most of all
    I want to control her experience, I don't want her to suffer, I want to protect her (from everything)

    Intention for now:

    To let that wanting go
    To let that feeling go

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    Hi TJP!

    Please check out many of my posts. They are very clearly about HOW to let go. Letting go is not a mystery. It's more than intention. It is about literally letting go.

    Lately I've been suggesting that folks notice what it's like to sit in a chair. Notice the chair under you. Notice the body being supported by the chair. And now actually allow yourself to let go into the chair. Let your body drop into the chair. It can be helpful to see where in the body, from the chin down, are you holding yourself up or in? And now check, could you let one of those places go? And how about another place? Etc. You can check all the places in you body and keep asking could I let go here? And could I let go here too?

    When we let go we open, relax, expand, and we feel all kinds of sensations because we are now in flow. It is not just a thought or an intention but an actual literal release.



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      Thanks Alex and Delilah,

      I did feel the feeling and then let it go. It was a wonderful gain!

      Plus, my middleschooler seems to be doing just fine - a lot of this was a story I made up in my head. Now my head is clearer I can hear her and she's saying everything is alright.

      I have these stories - they create feelings and I hold onto the feelings.

      But it works in reverse too. I let go of the feelings and feel more acceptance and peace around the issue and get to see that really it was all just a story anyway.


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        Hi TJP!!




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          First welcome the feelings and then feel free to ask yourself the letting go questions. Yes or no is the correct answer.