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The way I'm letting go... Wrong?

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  • The way I'm letting go... Wrong?

    Hi all. I'm rediscovering the method and it feels good to let go. I have a question. The way I'm letting go now is the way Hale describes it when he says "I put my hand in my pocket and realize that the keys are there, that sigh of release :ahhh: it's okay I have the keys. And you spontaneously let go in that moment." Is that a good way to release. I'm also welcoming. And the diving in works too. So, even though I don't really feel any bliss, instead I feel relief. A sense of opening and spaciousness comes into awareness.

    So, I am not feeling any bliss, except for when I listen to the Beyond The Boundaries of Space and Time. The I do feel the bliss.
    Any comments?


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    Once you find something you always have that sense of relief, That you can stop searching now that you have it. That one way of remembering what it's like to release.

    I got a question for you. What does bliss feel, what is it really? Do you have any references for what you call bliss? For me it's like looking for the keys while holding them in my hand. Or helping someone look for something (that I had already picked up) and asking, so... what are we looking for? Then when I learn what it is, hold on I've already got that.

    So for me bliss is something I've got but don't recognise because I'm looking for something but don't know what. And when I find that, ... so what is even better than that. So perhaps bliss is like water in a bottle. We drink from it from time to time and cannot hold on to because it's not something that we can hold.



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      Hi Alexus!

      You wrote:

      "I feel relief. A sense of opening and spaciousness comes into awareness."

      You're doing just fine...You are well on your way to feeling bliss more regularly.