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guilt in the intimate relationship.

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  • guilt in the intimate relationship.

    umm, so, I had quite a lot experience of guilt in a relationship, or, the relationship.
    it's more of an "a", of intimate relationship. and it's my first intimate relationship.

    one of the other thing I am thinking of the guilt feeling in a relationship somehow has to do with , um, the scarcity, like that person or the feelings I was having / receiving is scarce and so
    irreplaceable, so I had to feel guilty in order to get it back when I am , um, making some mistakes to the point of the limitation that I would lost that share of love..
    it turns out to be she is very kind and open a girl, but ..... what's blocking me from perceiving that? I guess it is w/da....

    first I need to get rid of my disapproval of myself to my wanting disapproval.
    sigh... and .. saying this I feel

    yeah,,, probably just me getting rid of disapproving myself the w/da would even disappear for itself!

    simply keep releasing Home of the Sedona Method

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    Often that's the best thing we can do, keep letting go.