hi, thank you for reading this one, and also thankful to myself, for I am feeling a bit of a feeling of gratitude. for how simplicity the method was designed...!

I had been a long while not releasing smoothly, and I now am feeling gratitude of gaining this insight myself!
how six steps is beautifully designed ....

I am also in support sessions , so I remember one of the questions I asked was ... what's the mutuality and harmonious and harmlessness relationship hale talked about for me?
I think I now gains a little bit of the understanding..
I now feel moved and am shedding lots of tears.

so much I now know how much there is and can be........., beyond the long-time assumed emotions, esp those I hold on like guilt and spinnings and anger hatred and what.
it's get me out of the stuckness.

feel so much thankful and the fresh breath..