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Question about resistance.

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  • Question about resistance.

    When i choose to sit down and welcome any feeling that is present at that time,
    first i start with it "Could i allow this feeling to be here?"
    then after few secs it goes "Could i welcome this feeling and the thoughts as best as i can?"
    After, The feeling staying a little and start shifting, moving.
    There come "Could i let go of this feeling?"
    Sometimes it starts here to feel resistance or maybe during/after the next question.
    "Would i let go?"

    Could i see the resistance not being a different feeling from any feeling and just continue the process of letting go as it started "Could i allow this feeling to be here?" ... as above.
    The resistance should be let go first? (Resisting to the feeling or to letting go.)

    Got the book yesterday. I see a section where resistance being discussed, but at the begining it says not to jump sections.
    So while i get there i would still like to practice it.

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    Hi hegedis!

    The question beginning with the words "Would I (you) let it go?" means "Would I (you) let it go if you could?"

    Welcoming is the second most fundamental way to let go. So, welcoming is actually one way to let it go. A synonym for welcoming is "Could I allow this feeling to be here?" Allowing is welcoming. Noticing is welcoming. Opening to is welcoming. There are many ways to think about welcoming.

    Just keep playing around with the processes and eventually it will all make sense to you.