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How to release a case quickly and thoroughly

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  • Fen
    Thank you so much!

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  • DelilahCertifiedSMCoach
    Hi Fen!

    When we want to speed up the process we are wanting to control the process and that gets in the way of a release.

    When we can look at those videos and be inspired by them that's great but when we use them to compare their experiences with ours then again we are getting in the way of a release.

    The idea that we have limited time and so many many things to release are just thoughts, specifically limited thoughts. When we can allow our process to unfold the way that it is, welcome it as it is appearing, then that too supports further and more effortless releases.

    There is something called "generalization" which means that when you release on one thing you are releasing on everything. So any ideas that you have about how much you have to release or how long it is going to take to release is just the mind trying to explain something that it actually doesn't know anything about.

    Try this:

    Check and see if there is any wanting to defend or justify any of your feelings about what happened on the tram. If yes, then welcome wanting to do that. And then see if you can let go of wanting to defend or justify your feelings about what happened.

    Also, see if there is any feeling that what happened is personal, about your or who you are, and if yes, then welcome that too. And then see if it would be OK if the feeling that what happened is personal, about you, or who you are just dissolved? If yes, when would that be OK?


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  • Fen
    started a topic How to release a case quickly and thoroughly

    How to release a case quickly and thoroughly

    Hi everyone,
    Good day!
    I'm writting here for some help.
    There was some little thing happened to me yesterday when I took a tramway in one city in France. Someone had given me a ticket and said that I could take four times with this ticket. However,when I was one the tramway,some stuff came and check my ticket. They told me that I didn't valid the ticket so I was fined 30€ for fare evasion. At first I was not very clear what happened, I try to explain that I didn't know I should valid it.I didn't mean to fare evasion on purpose. They told me that or I pay the fine or they call the police. So I pay the fine at last.
    I just feel very shame and I was never treated in that way. I felt angry,sad and wronged. However, I see it's a good opportunity to release. I spent the whole day to recall that scenes and to release all of my feeling. The feeling is reduced now. However, I still feel uncomfortable about it. This morning, when I was in the street, I even don't want to see the tramway, when I saw it and image it, I still feel shame and wronged. I think it means that I haven't release it totally.
    So I watch the video of Sedona method. I find that when Hale guide them,people release very quickly and laughed. I try to release at the same time, but I can't do that.
    So is there any problems that I haven't realized which obstruct me to release thoroughly? How could I overcome it? It has cost me such a long time to release such a little case, how can I release much more quickly and efficiently as the people in video do? Because we have limit time and really so many many things to release.
    Thanks a lot for any of your help!