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The polarity to sadness/wanting oness

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  • The polarity to sadness/wanting oness

    Hi guys

    Nearly 1 year ago My ex broke up with me after 10 years together.
    There Are just so many places and things that reminds me of her and our great times together. Sometimes i just get so sad, bacause i miss her - i really just want to feel one with her again. Also i still want her back. Any advice on This? How could i do an Holistic release on wanting to feel one with her? Sometimes i really just miss laying close to her.

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    Hi Henrico!

    I know this sounds counter-intuitive but if you take time to focus on the sadness and wanting oneness, allow it to come up, notice any resistance to it, and allow the resistance to the sadness and the wanting to come up, IOWs welcome both fully and allow them to have as much space and time inside as they need, they will dissipate.

    Holistic releasesthat you might try is:

    Could you want oneness with her as much as you do?
    Could you let go of wanting oneness with her as best you can?


    Could you resist the break up as much as you do?
    Could you welcome the breakup as best you can?

    Also, using the adv/disadvs process to explore being in and then out of the relationship can be extremely helpful on so many levels.

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      Thank you very much Delilah.


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        You're very welcome Henrico!