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Ending a long term relationship

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  • Ending a long term relationship

    Hello everyone,

    I have been in a long term relationship that I have been releasing on for the last few months. At the moment due to my partners son having Autism she's in a different county for his schooling and I work and live a very different life and hours to her. The more I released on the situation the more it intuitively came in that the relationship needs to be let go of and to fade away. I've released on figuring it out and stuckness over it but my whole being is telling me to let this go rather than just the mind/feelings.

    The strange thing for me is trying to word a goal statement or what remaining attachments and aversions to release on over this to let it start to free up? I've seen the course do hundreds of miracles before for me when I've created things like gains or jobs or getting technology to work after it being broken for years, but I'm uncertain how to use it to word a goal around letting something naturally dissolve. I can recall at some point learning that it's best not to put in goals what you are trying to let go of so I'm quite open to help wording this statement and any suggestions for attachments and aversions to let go of!


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    If this relationship dissolves, I guess you will be single...could that be a useful goal.?

    I allow myself to be single with ease.

    I choose to be single with ease.

    I am open to being single with ease.


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      Hi oneness!

      How about "I now allow the relationship with _________ to dissolve with love and ease." ?

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        Hi to both of you! I will use both of your suggestions about letting it dissolve and allowing myself to be single. Thank you both for your responses!