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  • Next level of releasing

    Hi guys,

    do u find you keep wanting and being attached no matter how much u release?
    Well ive found out that instead of releasing on wanting, release on the thing ur wanting in an extreme way
    such as the following formula u will feel ur body expand wen u do this might even feel oneness.
    I GIVE AWAY all of approval, I give away all of having approval, I give away all of getting approval, I give away all of getting and being approved of
    try on every want u can think of don't gve away wanting it give away having it, actually let go of having it, u will see wat I mean
    peace beyond understanding be willing to never get wat u want that's true releasing I find wen we let go of wanting where letting go in order to have which
    means the release cant happen, its like a snake chasing its tail

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    Hi yoyoyo!

    Yes, this perspective and approach is a wonderful way to let go and does promote great releases! Thanks for sharing this!

    You are speaking to something very important yoyoyo and I would only mention that if we are releasing to get rid of wanting we are really resisting wanting and that keeps the wanting in place. So another way to release on wanting is to welcome it fully. If we open fully to wanting, keep welcoming wanting, noticing what that wanting feeling feels like, where it is in the body, and keep opening more and more and give it as much room as it wants and then open even more, it just turns into flow, it turns into delicious expansive flow that also uncovers the oneness that we are. I am not disagreeing with your process yoyoyo. I use your process myself all the time. I just wanted to mention that welcoming can dissolve resistance to anything and thereby also fully dissolve the cycle of wanting.



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      snake can easily catch its tail but i know what you mean. i wanna ask you something. how long are you using this approach? i find a lot of different perspectives to use the method that work but only to find myself stuck again and in the need of another approach. intentionally wanting works well for me for now.


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        Hi JonJOnJon!

        I love that you folks are using the snake metaphor because the snake sometimes represents energy, flowing vital energy.

        If intentionally wanting works for you then go with it.

        The reason why different releasing processes emerge from Hale, and in the above instance yoyoyo is because the mind tends to get bored with repeatedly releasing one way over and over.

        Getting stuck is actually very common. That's why we actually release directly on stuckness.

        One way to release on stuck:

        Notice the stuck and as best you can welcome it.

        Check and see if there is any wanting to get rid of the stuck.

        Welcome your answer.

        If yes, welcome wanting to get rid of the stuck

        The see if you could let go of wanting to get rid of the stuck.

        Welcome your answer.

        Another way to release on stuck:

        Could you allow yourself to hold on as much as you are?

        Could you let go of wanting to let go as best you can?

        It's actually pretty common to want to let go and to want to hold on simultaneously. So if you find yourself wanting to hold on ( I know that you don't REALLY want to hold on, otherwise you wouldn't be releasing!) See if you can just hold on intentionally. Keep inviting yourself to hold on more and more. oddly, this can result is a let go too.

        Please keep us posted on how things unfold for you JonJonjon,