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Teaching others releasing

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  • Teaching others releasing

    Last edited by Esbenmad; 03-21-2020, 01:06 PM.

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    It is important to me not to interfere with her journey. It has to be for her highest and best good ❤️


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      Hi Esbenmad!

      Yes, you're right on point when you talk about letting go of wanting to control her pain and her journey so using the clean up procedures can be very helpful with this sort of thing. You can find those on pages 124 and 125 in the Super Course Workbook.

      If you really think about it, TSM isn't a spiritual process. Every now and again Hale will talk about allowing "The Power That Knows The Way" to take care of things or to guide us but one needn't assume that this is a spiritual phenomenon. That Power could very well be a Wisdom, a Knowingness that is the essence of who and what we are but is greater than who and what we realize we are. People who follow every kind of religion and also people who don't follow religious doctrines and who are even vehement atheists find that they are very comfortable and successful using TSM. TSM is really more of an energy modality than a spiritual modality and in that way it is somewhat similar to EFT. EFT approaches the energetic aspect by tapping on specific acupuncture points while TSM approaches the energetic aspect of both conscious and unconscious programs by allowing the bodymind to release conscious and unconscious programs through the use of different processes of (self)inquiry, AKA questions. I am a trained Master Practitioner of EFT and other tapping modalities. I find that EFT is very helpful for folks and interestingly, conversely, folks who are releasers get far more out of tapping modalities because they have developed the ability to intentionally release so that amps up the benefits of tapping. So to make a long story even longer, it might be helpful to explain to your girlfriend that TSM is not a spiritual process but a modern process of self inquiry and in effect is an energy modality that gains entry into the energetic phenomena but through a different portal than EFT.

      If you have any of the recorded TSM material you might invite her to have a listen. That way she can judge if there is any value in it for herself and that way you can stay out of the way while at the same time release along with her while you are listening to the recording with her. That's how I introduced releasing to my husband. I left it up to him to decide what he thought about releasing. He's one of my releasing partners now.



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        Thank you Delilah for your thorough response! I will definitely release a lot before sharing it with her, and will share the aspect about it not being spiritual but rather a normal process, that we can use intentionally. Good idea to share some of the recorded material as well. I will try to find something that is relatable when you are not used to this sort of stuff. I would be thrilled to have her as a releasing partner! Thank you so much once again!

        All the best, Esben